Ceechem About Us

Ceechem was established in 1999 as a raw material supplier to the Australian market and has evolved into a specialty ingredients supplier to the Cosmetics, Personal Care and Beauty Industry within Australia and New Zealand.

At Ceechem we believe in creating the ultimate customer experience utlising our team’s collective talents to drive better outcomes for all customers.

“Your Success is Our Success”

The Ceechem team strives to provide a competitive edge through superior chemistry, brand differentiation and marketing, showcasing an expansive portfolio of specialty products designed to align with current and future trends. Ceechem prides itself on being a solution orientated company looking at today problems creating tomorrow’s opportunities.

Ceechem Family


The Ceechem team are passionate, dedicated, empathetic and customer centric. We understand the demand of today’s business environment and are ready to assist. Ceechem’s synergy of skills and experience offer customers a full service of cutting-edge products, technical and regulatory expertise combined with global market insights.


Ceechem’s strategic long-term relationship with its supply chain partners are committed to offer:

  • Specialty raw materials to create innovative cosmetic and personal care solutions
  • Differentiation through quality products and performance
  • The latest products and solutions based on emerging global market trends
  • Consistency and reliability in supply
  • Guidance with regulatory compliance
  • A commitment to transparency in line with our social and corporate responsibility 
  • Global support network to assist with all customer needs

A can do attitude in line with our core values will ensure the best possible outcome for your next product opportunity.

We’re proud of our honesty, accountability and most of all our transparency. We walk hand in hand with our customers towards success. 

Ceechem are committed to continuous learning and improvement. We are forever evolving, moving with the dynamic nature of the personal care and cosmetic industry to deliver the best solutions to you.

Our Core


To respect each other regardless of association.


The truth will set you free.


Striving to deliver on our promises.


Aspiring for better solutions and outcomes.


Ensuring an enjoyable and exciting customer experience.


Actively display what we preach.

Our Story

Ceechem was formed in 1999 by founder Pat Carey in Sydney Australia, Pat had worked with a leading chemical importer for over 20 years before branching out on his own.

Pat Carey has been solving business and household problems since 1970. Developing relationships globally and pioneering supply chains that are still in use today .

Today Pat Carey is still active in the Ceechem business, with Paul Buckingham joining the business as a Managing Director in 2015, bringing with him a fresh insight into the Ceechem business and cosmetic industry.

Today, Ceechem is a multinational organisation with a head office in Melbourne, Australia and active presence in New Zealand.

Ceechem still prides itself on the problem solving, innovative values of Pat Carey, as well as his focus on developing strong relationships with key industry players.

Mission Statement

To be a continually evolving, customer focused company, delivering innovative solutions that drive commercial outcomes for all parties.

Corporate Social
Responsibility Approach

We are proud to uphold values of ethical behaviour, transparency and sustainable sourcing. We align to international standards ensuring better outcomes for our supply chain partners. Our ongoing commitment and contribution to continual development is a constant driver to deliver better outcomes for our customers and our customers’ customers.

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