Product Portfolio

Active Concepts

Botanical Extracts


Complex Actives



ACB Modified Pomegranate Enzyme PF

AC Sebum Control Enzyme PF

Delivery Systems

AC Melatonin Liposome SF

AC Hemp Oil Liposome PF

AC Cinnamon Liposome

Active Micro Technologies

AMTicide ® Coconut

AMTicide ® VAF

Arborcide ® OC

Leucidal ® Liquid

Leucidal ® Liquid Complete


Leucidal ® Liquid PT

Leucidal ® SF Complete

PhytoCide Aspen Bark Extract Powder

PhytoCide Black Currant Powder

PhytoCide Elderberry OS

ProBiocin V™

Synercide Asian Fusion




Arbor Organics

Organic Emulsifier Blend 60

Certified Organic Waters and Oils

Certified Organic Water and Oil Soluble Extracts

Certified Organic Delivery Systems

Certified Organic Bioferments


Natural Plant Products

Meadowfoam CP

Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR

Daikon Seed Extract

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