Supply Partners

Active Concepts

We work collaboratively with the team at Active Concepts who manufacture and source raw materials for the ever-evolving personal care and cosmetics industries. Renowned for their innovation and sustainable business practices, Active Concepts are leading suppliers and offer an extensive range of bioferments, botanical extracts, complex actives, delivery systems, enzymes, functional actives, and proteins.


Active Micro Technologies

Active Micro Technologies – AMT is the market leader in preservation alternatives within the Personal Care Industry. Consumer attitudes and changing trends are increasingly the market’s desire for naturally derived and inspired products.  AMT focus on natural product chemistry, harnessing cosmetic functionality combined with antimicrobial and anti-fungal activity. 

AMT continues to lead the way, showcasing aqueous, oil soluble, anhydrous and powder treatment materials that assist conventional preservative systems.

Arbor Organics

Arbor Organics is a USDA-NOP certified organic cosmetic ingredient company, providing cosmetic-grade organic ingredients for the personal care and cosmetics industries.  Arbor Organics offer extracts at every level of organic certification and additionally offer extract powders, delivery systems, bioferments, functional actives, oils and butters.  With the increasing demand for organic products, Arbor Organics have your solutions at hand.


When it comes to supplying materials derived from plant origins, Aldivia is industry specialists. The company takes pride in sourcing and delivering high performing products that can be adapted to the needs of their clients. The highly skilled team of cultivators, agricultural engineers, and industrialists as some of the best in the business when it comes to plant-based cosmetic product development.

Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons

Suppliers of the highest quality raw materials in hair colours. Since 1897 the team of expert chemists and technical staff at Jos. H Lowenstein & Sons have been formulating trendsetting hair colours within their state-of-the-art facilities. The list of application for hair products are extensive and include lowenol surfactants, bleaching products, stabilising/chelating agents, protein derivatives/conditioners, colours, shining colour and viscosity builders.

Kalichem Italia

As major suppliers in the research and development of raw materials for cosmetics and personal care products. Kalichem is well known in the industry as specialists in research, development and production of ingredients for cleansing and beauty skincare. The list of applications includes surfactants, emulsifiers, vegetal lipoproteins, active principles, and natural moisturing factors.


Based in Japan, Nikko Group is committed to sourcing and developing skincare and personal care ingredients that deliver visible results for clients formulations. The Nikko Group continuously strives to develop ingredients that are innovative and have proven efficacy. When it comes to formulations of products to reduce pigmentation, anti-aging/wrinkle, skin moisturisation, anti-inflammatory/anti-irritation, anti-oxidation, and skin DNA protection and repair, Nikko Group are at the cutting edge of research and development.

Oat Cosmetics

One of the biggest suppliers in the raw ingredient market, Oat Cosmetics are specialists when it comes to researching and developing high-quality products derived from oat ingredients. No matter whether the application is for colour cosmetics, hair care, baby care, skincare, or soap & bath products, Oat Cosmetics is a leading global supplier. Sourcing the highest quality cosmetic-grade oats, the company has established itself as a market leader and is well known for its sustainable practices.

Natural Plant Products

(Australia Distributor Only)

Natural Plant Products (NPP) supplies botanical ingredients to the global personal care industry. NPP Seed oils and seed extracts have unique chemistries that make them viable alternatives to synthetic emollients, suitable for use in a wide range of applications including skin care, colour cosmetics, hair care and more.

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