How to Make Vegan Skin Care Products to Sell

how to make vegan skin care products to sell in Australia

While you do not have to be vegan to use vegan cosmetics, consumers are consistently more aware of the ingredients going on their skin or in their bodies. Many cosmetic products utilize animal components to benefit the skin and hair including nails, hooves, horns, hair, and collagen from animals. Animal by-products such as milk, eggs, beeswax, and honey are also commonly used and are not considered vegan-friendly. Sustainability, ethical issues, and production transparency are forefront concerns for many trendsetters in the beauty industry. Awareness of ingredient alternatives propel Vegan Beauty forward, highlighting an opportunity for cosmetic companies to innovate new technologies and meet the growing demand for non-animal derived materials.

Many consumers attribute their buying habits to value over price, meaning they are willing to pay for more sustainable products or products that adhere to their personal values. As millennials drive modern consumerism, the convergence of veganism and beauty will continue to rise. Natural and alternative ingredients will spotlight a company’s expertise to meet the expanding demands of the everyday consumer.

Alternative or unconventional ingredients provide comparable functionality or benefits to their animal-derived counterparts, but may also offer a unique origin story or manufacturing technology that the brand may use to differentiate itself in the marketplace. Whether a trend moves products away from preservatives, parabens, ethical concerns, or animal ingredients, consumers expect alternatives to remain efficacious without sacrificing quality. Ascosmetic companies embrace vegan innovation, a doorway opens to resonate with consumers on a new level of demand. herbAWARE focuses on the growing awareness of creating and utilizing non-animal derived products in
beauty and cosmetic applications.

Kalichem – Quality, safety and efficacy of all our ingredients are vastly documented and certified. Kalichem’s production satisfies the increasing demand of ingredients POE and PEG free. In fact, Kalichem’s products are of vegetal origin and free of ethylene oxide while versatile and with pleasing cosmetic properties like Vegetal Lipoproteins.

Active Concepts – Our herbAWARE prototype kit features a Hydra-Clay Mask, Hemp Dream Cream, Agave Glow Tonic, PostBiotic Gel Balm, Pro-Collagen Lip Boost, and Lash Out! Peptide Mascara, – all designed to provide consumers with vegan alternative products with the same great benefits.

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