Ingredients for Hair Dye

We only source the highest quality raw ingredients for hair dyes that are designed to nourish scalp health and highlight the essence of natural colouring properties.

We’re at the pulse of evolving trends in the beauty industry and our premium range of raw hair dye ingredients are designed to ensure your product achieves optimal performance. 

We are delighted to partner with market leader Jos.H.Lowenstein Sons Inc to supply the highest quality hair dyes to meet all your product needs.

Offering a full range of permanent colour and semi-permanent colour, bleaching and tailor-made solutions. We will work closely with you to achieve high quality products that will achieve the desired outcome.

We ship our ingredients from the USA, Europe and Asia directly to Australia and New Zealand to ensure a fast turnaround in product formulation so you can get your product straight to market.

Our wonderful supply chain partners offer the highest quality ingredients  for hair products.The hair care industry is forever changing and challenging conventional products as we adapt to modern climates, lifestyles and trends. Meeting the demand of today’s consumer requires solutions for many various problems including but not limited to:

  • Dry and damaged hair
  • Limp and frizzy hair
  • Thermal protection and thermal treatment
  • Moisturising, hydration, nourishing and conditioning
  • Dandruff and scalp care
  • Strengthening and replenishing
  • Shine and smoothing
  • Volumising and boost
  • Anti-pollution
  • We have concepts and solution to achieve your optimal hair care performance.

Just a few of the ingredients  we can provided to our Australian and New Zealand customer base:

  • LOWENOL C-279
  • LOWENOL S-216X
  • Viscosity Builders
  • Lowenol Surfactants
  • AvenaPLex
  • Aurafirm
  • Oat COM
  • Oat Silk
  • Oat Liqid

Just a few of the  hair dye products  that can be made using our beauty ingredient partnerships:

  • Stabilizing / Chelating Agents
  • Protein Derivatives / Conditioners
  • Colours
  • Shining Colors
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Hair oil
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hair growth formulas

We have over 16,000 raw materials to choose from so feel free to contact us directly for a tailored made solution.

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