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We’re at the forefront of current and future trends within the beauty industry and know what’s going to be the newest and next best thing in cosmetics and personal care products. We’ll help you with everything you need to know about formulations, marketing and regulations to bring your exciting new product idea to life! Ceechem will make your vision a reality.

Kalichem SRL

Kalichem SRL is active in the cosmetic sector and specifically in the production of raw materials used to develop cosmetic products. We specialize predominately in the research, development and production of cosmetic ingredients for cleansing and beauty skin care. Our ingredient are innovative for the sector, particularly they are of vegetal origin and/or have a low impact on the environment, from renewable source,  easy and safe to use. They are delicate, dermocompatible and with an organic activity similar to the physiological activity of the skin.

The Company has a team of experts on raw materials for cosmetic use with a long-standing experience in the research of original and innovative ingredients for the cosmetic sector.
Our research is carried out within the company itself, making use also of the collaboration of university institutes and of the most renowned professionals of the sector.

We are focused on bringing you new and exciting ECOCERT natural and organic oat ingredients that are easily incorporated into, and will enhance, your cosmetic formulations.
Quality, safety and efficacy of all our ingredients are vastly documented and certified.
Kalichem’s production satisfies the increasing demand of ingredients POE and PEG free. In fact, Kalichem’s products are of vegetal origin and free of ethylene oxide while versatile and with pleasing cosmetic properties like Vegetal Lipoproteins


The surfactants that we manufacture are used in a wide range of fields such as cosmetics and toiletries and contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives and culture. The sustenance of the earth’s resources is a challenge affecting all individuals and organizations globally, and we strive to play our part by providing environmentally-friendly products and by building awareness about various aspects of sustainability.

  1. We will set an environmental goal and perform periodic review it in order to achieve reductions in pollution and increased resource savings.
  2. We will periodically review the environmental effects caused by business activities in our factory, and we strive to continuously improve our environmental management systems in order to reduce our impact on the environment.
  3. We will faithfully comply with all environment-related laws and regulations as well as any other requirements to which our factory has agreed.

Extract from the seed of the fruit of the Argan tree naturally found only in southwest Morocco. Argan oil is well-known for its use in high-quality cosmetics and other cleansing oils.

Argan seed products have resulted in further planting of Argan trees, providing local workers with a livelihood and contributing to the conservation of Argan forests in areas facing the threat of desertification.


We source our organic and sustainable raw materials from around the world with the help of several  NGO’s. For instance, Sozio participates in the Fairtrade development on the island of Flores in Indonesia with the Cœur de Forêt association.

The goal of this initiative is to develop the endangered vanilla industry on the island of Flores, providing the local population with the equipment required to extract oleoresin, which has a very high vanillin content. It is also a way of improving living  conditions for farmers and raising awareness  among those living on the island of its diversity  and of the importance of protecting their environment.

On top of that, we also provide a voluntary partnership with primary schools,  and help them set up olfactive trainings for children.

We are proud to hold values such as ethical behaviour and respect of international standards for our employees as well as our suppliers. Our commitment and contribution to sustainable development is something we value and try to always stay true to.

Oat Cosmetics

We manage, along with our partners, a defined and transparent supply chain, starting with optimized varieties of oats; grown under controlled conditions on selected farms and processed through our patented technology.
We are a sustainable company. Our ingredients are produced to the highest standards using modern, sustainable farming practices ensuring full traceability from field to face.


French company inspired by creating a better world.Ingredients are sustainable, ethically sourced and they share value through the supply chain. They have a serious of African oils ( see attachment) were they reinvest into the local economies allowing a better quality of life for some of these third world countries.Pierre ( Founder & Managing Director) is on the Fair Bio Trade/ Ethics board in Europe , very passionate about doing thins the right way – not just profiteering

Our strategic long-term relationships with supply chain partners offer:

Specialty raw materials to create innovative cosmetic and personal care solutions.

Differentiation through quality product formulation and performance.

The latest products and solutions based on emerging global market trends.

Consistency and reliability in supply and guidance with regulatory compliance.

Commitment to transparency in line with our social and corporate responsibility 

Global support network to assist with all customer needs.

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