The Rise of ‘Maskne’ in COVID and How Organic Beauty Ingredients Can Help

The Rise of ‘Maskne’ in COVID and How Organic Beauty Ingredients Can Help

As we all grapple with the uncertainty of what the covid 19 crisis will deliver each day, one accessory that is here to stay for a while is face masks. For many of us this new ‘essential’ accessory is proving to bring its own set of issues, namely ‘maskne’ effect. We take a deep dive into what the skin issues caused by the increased frequency of wearing face masks and how organic beauty ingredients can help alleviate some of these concerns.

What is Maskne

Most of us are now required to wear a mask in an attempt to combat the risk of infection and transmission from covid 19. With the majority of face masks being made from synthetic materials, there has been an increase in skin perspiration. When you combine this perspiration with breath droplets and the skin’s natural oils, not to mention make up ingredients and dirt, people are experiencing inflamed, itchy and red skin or acne, hence the term ‘maskne’.

Common skin concerns resulting from ‘maskne’

We’ve compiled a few of the commonly reported skin concerns arising from maskne and give readers an insight into some organic beauty ingredients to help treat these skin issues.

Issue: Acne

The most common issue arising from wearing a mask is the increase in acne. The current array of mask’s are rubbing against the skin which is resulting in more breakouts and blemishes in already problem areas for some people. These adverse skin affects not only cause wearers great discomfort and emotional distress but are making people revisit their skincare regimes to eliminate the aggravation.

Solution: Antibacterial actives

It’s important to maintain a good skincare routine to draw out impurities and bacteria to reduce the instance of acne. When it comes to treating acne and other blemishes from ongoing mask inflammation one of the most effective ingredients is known as VCIP- V oil soluble Vitamin C. Popular for treating a variety of inflammatory skin conditions and reducing redness, this superstar active is now available as a 100% vegetal.

Issue: Inflammation and irritation

As previously identified, the micro climate of the face mask is creating inflammation and irritation of the skin. As we go about our daily business while wearing a mask, the constant friction of the material against our skin is causing regular flare ups. In addition to this, stress, lack of vitamin D and poor diet as a result of lock down has also contributed to the rise in this particular skin issue.

Solution: Anti inflammatory ingredients

If you’ve ever experienced inflamed or irritated skin the most effective course of treatment is an anti inflammatory agent. One such ingredient that has a cooling active to soothe the skin and give the brain receptors a signal that the application is working immediately, is a gingermint cooling extract. It provides instant relief and gratification for any inflamed area and leaves your skin feeling calm and cool.

We’ve listed below some other recommendations for anti-inflammatory and anti-itch ingredients:

  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate (DPG) – available from our supplier Nikko
  • Shiso Extract (anti stinging) – available from our supplier Nikko
  • White willow Bark Extract 10229 (a natural compound of salicylic acid which is good for acne as well) – available from our supplier Active Concepts
  • BiEau Actif Waters (Tri Mushroom and Red Alga) – available from our supplier Active Concepts

Issue: Dehydration

No only are we battling the dehydrating effects of wearing masks during this pandemic but also the elements of winter which can dry the skin out. Wearing a mask has increased humidity around the facial area and clogged pores resulting in a lack of moisture. Many are finding that masks are causing constant friction and redirecting the airflow around the face, causing a drying effect on the skin.

Solution: Increased moisturisation and hydration

It’s never been more important to look after your skin and keep it well hydrated and healthy. Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to organic beauty ingredients to increase our skin’s moisturisation and hydration levels. Once such solution is the combination of colloidal oats to coconut waters and active waters to ximenia oil which is effective in leaving your skin feeling nourished and quenched.

Here are some other effective ingredients to increase barrier function to aid moisturisation and hydration :

  • Colloidal oats (OAT COM USP and Oat Lipide E (Oat Oil)) ingredients – available from our supplier Oat Cosmetics
  • African oil (ximenia oil and mongongo) – available from our supplier Aldivia
  • BiEau Waters (delivers vital botanical essences) – available from our supplier Active Concepts
  • ABS coconut water or cucumber water – available from our supplier Active Concepts

Issue – Barrier Function Damage

Wearing a face mask has had a significant impact on the barrier function of your skin. It’s well known that the more irritated or damaged skin is, the less effectively it is in maintaining the moisture barrier. We are now finding that the skin’s natural moisture barrier is being compromised when wearing a mask due to friction and sometimes chafing.

Solution – Restore Barrier Function

It’s important to maintain a clean and moisturised face to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Barrier function is critical to assist with protection from contact transfer and assist excessive transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Now more than ever we all need to improve hydration and ensure that the skin’s natural moisture is locked in.

We recommend the following ingredients to assist with barrier function:

  • Pomegranate Sterols 10247 – available from our supplier Active Concepts
  • AcquaSeal Coconut 20742 – available from our supplier Active Concepts
  • Phytofuse Renew 16586 – available from our supplier Active Concepts
  • AcquaSeal® Algae 20852 – available from our supplier Active Concepts

Find ingredients to prevent maskme

These challenging times have caused everyone a degree of discomfort in some way, shape or form. Ceechem has remained at the forefront of skincare during this pandemic and have worked closer than ever with our suppliers to ensure the availability of ingredients to assist with maskme.

Contact our team of specialists today to assist you and will help you source the right ingredients to treat this evolving condition.