Personal Care Ingredients Suppliers Australia

Personal Care Ingredients Suppliers Australia

When it comes to personal care ingredients supplier, integrity is the most important thing to consider. Shady suppliers may have low prices, but the money you stand to save isn’t worth the risk.
Fortunately, we have years of experience in sourcing top-notch ingredients for both the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Why is Sourcing so Challenging?

Being a supplier of personal care ingredients is deceptively complex. It’s more than just ordering parcels and getting them shipped to a warehouse. A big part of our job revolves around scouting out innovative ingredients that show potential.

It also takes a lot of time and effort to build a global network capable of providing rare ingredients that you can’t find in most countries. Even after finding a potential source, tough negotiations are required before a longevous working relationship can be established.


Quality assurance, along with research and development, are key aspects of any personal care ingredient supplier. All our quality control work is done in-house to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and that the ingredients are compliant with global regulations.
We also develop tailor-made products for our clients using the ingredients that we’ve sourced from all around the world, and it often takes multiple rounds of modification to get a new product from idea to completion.


Logistics is another big challenge for most personal care ingredients suppliers. We at Ceechem handle everything from delivery to project management and even troubleshooting. Our clients rely on us to keep their supply chain robust, and that’s a promise we always deliver on.

Solution Range

Ceechem provides a wide range of solutions because we want to cover every need that our clients may have. Thanks to our partners that supply high-quality ingredients, we’ve been able to answer all the hair colour and hair product needs of our clients.

We also source some of the best soap ingredients in the world to ensure that every household can maintain proper hygiene. It’s our firm belief that soap lies at the core of any personal care regimen — which is why we use nothing but the top ingredients for it.

Other areas that we cover include skincare products, perfumes, and various cosmetics. Our diverse range of solutions ensures that we’re a one-stop-shop for our clients — saving them from having to integrate multiple suppliers into their network.

The Ceechem Difference

The main thing that has set Ceechem apart from other personal care ingredients suppliers over the years is the fact that we always deliver on what we promise our clients. Our attention to detail, dedication to quality service, and constant strive for improvement are what define us.
If your business is in need of ingredients then be sure to reach out using the contact form on our website. We’ll walk you through the entire process and help you define all your needs so that we can provide the best solution for your business.

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