Waterless Beauty Product

Waterless Beauty Product

Ingredients Waterless Beauty’ or ‘Water-Free Products’ are increasing in popularity. Not because it’s the latest ‘fad’ in the beauty industry but consumers are becoming more conscious about the impact they have on the environment. When we think of water, we conjure images of a bountiful, endless, natural resource however alarming new statistics show that water is becoming more of a scarce commodity. Climate change, growing populations ,agriculture and economic development are all hot topics when it comes to identifying major consumers of water. However we are increasingly, seeing reports that the personal care and cosmetics industry is being highlighted as a huge consumer of water based products. The beauty industry has been fast to respond to environmental concerns and consumers’ voices by making major changes and using less water in the development of beauty products. The emergence of utilising raw ingredients such as soothing botanicals, natural oils, fruit waters and butters to develop beauty products, instead of water, is not only addressing the environmental impact concern but is seeing a significant production of effective beauty products.

Just a few of the raw waterless ingredients we can provided to our Australian and New Zealand customer base:

  • Lactobacillus Ferment
  • Betaine Salicylate
  • Lactobacillus Ferment

Just a few of the waterless beauty products that can be made using our beauty ingredient partnerships:

  • Waterless beauty balm
  • Pure foaming water
  • Luxe cleansing balm
  • Lush sugar lip scrub
  • Exfoliating body polish
  • Conditioning shave oil