Why Vegan Skincare Ingredients Are Increasing in Popularity

With extra time being spent at home during the Covid 19 lockdown, many of us are taking the time to revisit our self-care routines. In particular, there has been an increase in the number of people experimenting with different skincare products. Interestingly, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of people sourcing vegan skincare ingredients as part of their daily skin cleansing regimens.

As a society, we are becoming more educated on the benefits of a vegan diet and as we’ve seen with a lot of dietary habits, they often translate into skincare products. So it’s not surprising that this trend has evolved and continues to gain momentum. Many budding entrepreneurs are now seizing the opportunity and are investing in product development for vegan skincare lines.

It’s not just the socially conscious and those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint who are adopting a vegan lifestyle, many generation z and millennials who have a significant share of buying power are moving away from animal-derived products. Hense to move towards vegan skincare, where the ingredients are made up of predominately plants and minerals with no trace of animal exploitation.

The Benefits of Using Vegan Skincare Ingredients

When it comes to skincare products, vegan or plant-based ingredients have an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that soothe, hydrate and repair the skin. The natural and raw nature of vegan products generally means fewer ingredients used to formulate products. The fewer ingredients we know about, the better we can understand what is going onto our bodies.

There is also the ethical benefits of opting for vegan skincare ingredients. Not only are plant-based ingredients better for the environment, but it eliminates the harm inflicted on animals.

Applications for Vegan Skincare Products

Skincare masks
With the COVID-19 pandemic bursting onto the global stage forcing us to wear cotton or synthetic material based face masks, our skin has succumbed to all forms of irritation. Now more than ever, skin repair masks is one product that we all should be applying to the face regularly. There are many great plant-based alternatives packed full antioxidants and nutrients that purify the skin and remove dirt built up without stipping sebum away. Our supply partner Active Concepts have developed the following vegan ingredients; ABS Viola Tricolor Extract PF, AC Party Face Pom all of which hydrate and detoxify the skin. They also offer an ABS Ginger Mint Cooling Extract PF that provides an instant cooling sensation.

Another option for face masks is a gel balm which is highly beneficial to hydrate, restore and protect the skin. Several formulations can be made from a delicious plant-based cocktail of ingredients including AC Vegan Yogurt Hydrolysate SF, ABS Lady’s Mantle Extract PF and AC Vitamin ABCE Liposome. All of which are rich in vitamins that are refreshing and healthy for the skin.

Night cream
Another popular skincare item is night cream which is used to repair skin and rejuvenate your complexion while you sleep. There are a variety of vegan ingredients that can be used to formulate night cream that will not only promote the production of collagen but target fine lines and wrinkles. Plant-based ingredients such as AC Repair Oil Complex, AC Hemp Oil Liposome PF, and AcquaSeal® Algae, all available from Active Concepts will work to hydrate and replenish skin.

Lip balm
Winter can wreak havoc on our lips, making a good lip balm essential for repair. Plant-based ingredients such as Vitamin E and A, AC Vegetable Collagen PF, AC Collagen Prepeptide PF, and AC Repair Oil Complex (available from Active Concepts) are all effective in creating a formulation that heals damaged lips while producing a plump appearance and softer texture.

When it comes to increasing the levels of moisture in the skin, yogurt has powerful properties that can relieve sunburn, reduce discoloration and prevent the impacts of aging. Yogurt is renowned as a potent probiotic that contains many health benefits and it has been said that even Cleopatra would bathe in milk to make her skin smooth and soft. When looking for a natural moisturising vegan probiotic, Active Concepts has manufactured the AC Vegan Yogurt Hydrolysate SF by utilising coconut yogurt and coconut milk properties.

Hydration and conditioning
The neverending pursuit of young-looking skin has seen many developments, in attempts to increase the production of collagen. There has been a move away from animal-derived collagen towards vegetable and plant derivatives. Active Concepts has developed an AC Vegetable Collagen which delivers that same effective results, appearance and consistency of animal-derived collagen with no impact on animals.

Source vegan skincare ingredients today

Vegan beauty is only going to increase in popularity as society demands more skincare products that are ethical products that do not use animal-derived properties. To be part of this revolution, contact Ceechem today and we will help you source vegan ingredients for your innovative skincare formulations.