Changing the Face of Skin Microbiome with Aurafirm P

active cosmetics manufacturing

The innovation of skin microbiome in relation to skin care is fast becoming a buzz within active cosmetics manufacturing. No longer is the term ‘microbiome’ used to describe our gut health and bacteria but is being phrased in conjunction with the latest trend in skin care formulations.

The evolution of skin microbiome 

While our ongoing affiliation with Google as the new ‘library’ for research continues, it’s no surprise the internet is one of the reasons that the evolution of microbiome and skincare is gaining momentum.

We’re increasingly educating ourselves on the science behind what’s healthy for our inner microbiome health and are now seeing a movement towards how this concept translates to our outer body – namely the ‘skin’.

Research from science and health industries has shown that a healthy microbiome and good bacteria can be achieved through ingesting probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotic for example. It’s only now that we’re learning what we can put onto our skin in regards to good bacteria to achieve the same benefits.

Understanding the benefits of Aurafirm P

Here at Ceechem, we’ve kept one step ahead of the active cosmetics manufacturing industry and have been sourcing raw ingredients to formulate microbiome skin care products.

One such ingredient is ‘aurafirm P’ – a natural oat-fermented active that boosts cell turnover and improves skin health and complexion. Aurafirm P is commonly used as a raw ingredient for the formulation of face creams and masks. 

Product developments 

We’re excited by the product developments that have taken place with our supply chain partner OatCosmetics who have formulated a nourishing night cream that uses 2% aurafirm P. The night cream has shown to improve and revitalise skin’s texture and supports skin microbiome with highly efficacious oat-based prebiotic.

In addition to eliminating roughness of the skin, the OatCosmetics night cream effectively works overnight to generate a smoother and healthier looking complexion. The revolutionary night cream also protects against environmental aggressors that are caused through stress, pollution and temperature changes. 

How to source Aurafirm P

As a leading supplier of raw materials for the cosmetics and skincare industry, Ceechem are delighted to be able to source aurafirm P as a natural oat-fermented active ingredient.

If you are looking to produce your next cosmetic or skin care innovation that will improve the skin microbiome, contact us today to discuss the option of using aurafirm P as part of your formulation.